Escape Rooms Take Team Building To A Whole New Level.

Escape Games are currently the #1 Team Building activity in the US. Why should you make Escape Room Kingsport your next corporate team building activity?

Groups MUST work together to solve problems and progress as a team. Every Escape Game is mentally stimulating but doesn’t require much physical exertion, so it’s a safe choice for all employees. The environment is fun and exciting — leagues ahead of traditional team building exercises.

Problem Solving

Team Building

Mentally Stimulating

No matter what size team you have, our Kingsport escape rooms create an unforgettable experience just for you. We can run up to 30 players simultaneously and can cycle rooms every 1:20.00. To find out more, use our contact form to send us some information, or call our Kingsport booking agents at 423-530-PLAY (7529).